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Science Stream

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

The PCMB course at Shanthiniketan PU College's science stream integrates Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, offering students a comprehensive understanding of both physical and life sciences. This multidisciplinary approach nurtures analytical skills, preparing students for diverse fields including engineering, medicine, and research.


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

The PCMCs course at Shanthiniketan PU College's science stream combines Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science, providing students with a solid foundation in both core sciences and programming. This interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students for careers in technology, software development, and further academic pursuits.


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics

The PCME course at Shanthiniketan PU College's science stream merges Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Electronics, offering students a comprehensive grasp of physical sciences and electronics. This curriculum equips students for fields like engineering, electronics, and research with a focus on technological applications.

Commerce Stream


Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science

In the EBACs course, students engage with four vital subjects: Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, and Computer Science. Economics helps students understand the principles of economic systems, market dynamics, and factors influencing financial decisions. Business Studies covers topics related to business organization, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Accountancy imparts skills in financial record-keeping, analysis, and reporting. Computer Science introduces students to essential concepts in programming, technology, and its applications in the business world.


Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics

In the EBAS course, students delve into essential subjects such as Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, and Statistics. This diverse curriculum enables students to develop a diverse skill set, including analytical thinking, financial literacy, and an understanding of economic principles. They gain insights into how businesses operate, financial management, market dynamics, and the collection and interpretation of statistical data.