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Affiliated to the CBSE Board, New Delhi. Vide Affiliation No. 83020.


Shanthiniketan Group of Institutions, B.M. Road, Vivekanandanagar, Ramanagara, Karnataka - 562159

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+91 98453 56886 / +91 86605 76944

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Let your child's Education begin with the Best Public School In Ramanagar

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Shanthniketan Public School is affiliated to the CBSE Board, New Delhi. Vide Affiliation No.830280.

Shanthiniketan – The best public school in Ramanagara is well-equipped with the features of modern classroom and ventilation support, a good sophisticated laboratory ranging from macroscopic to microscopic instruments, a wide range of teaching aids and van services for the rural area. The Public school in Ramanagara has got its own block with 64 rooms and at present we are running 33 sections, from BC to 10th Std, installed CCTV Cameras for transparency and to maintain disciplinary standard.

The school gives good opportunity for the students to take active participation in co-curricular and sports activities. As for as result is concerned there is no doubt in the progress and the standard of students. The School is renowned for achieving 100% distinction result with a good number of toppers for the past 3 consecutive years. In my opinion and to my level best of satisfaction there is good leap in the academic performance.

Shanthiniketan Public School is since 2018-19 , recognized as a CBSE official examination centre for the district of Ramanagara for its’ quality infrastructure and credibility.

Shanthiniketan Public School

Message from the Prinicipal

Welcome to Shanthiniketan Public School, where we take immense pride in offering a nurturing and holistic educational experience to our students. As the Principal, I am delighted to share with you the exceptional facilities and opportunities we provide for your child’s growth and development.

Our school boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, with well-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and a well-stocked library that fosters a love for learning. We believe in providing an enriching environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, empowering students to reach their full potential.

At Shanthiniketan, we understand the importance of co-curricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. We offer a diverse range of sports, cultural clubs, and artistic pursuits that cater to varied interests and talents. Through these activities, our students develop leadership skills, teamwork, and a sense of discipline, complementing their academic excellence.

In addition to our outstanding facilities and co-curricular opportunities, we pride ourselves on the personalized care and attention we offer each student. Our dedicated and compassionate faculty members are committed to nurturing the unique strengths of every child, providing a supportive and encouraging environment.

In addition, Shanthiniketans’ new integrated public school offers IIT foundational classes from grades 6th to 10th to prepare students much early-on for the national-level entrance exams: JEE/NEET. Our special coaching is in integration with staff from IIT Hyderabad and guarantees giving your child an advantage starting preparation early.

At Shanthiniketan Public School, we strive to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, where every child feels valued, safe, and inspired to learn. Our focus is not only on academic excellence but also on nurturing the overall growth and well-being of our students.

Thank you for choosing Shanthiniketan Public School for your child’s educational journey. Together, let us shape a future of boundless possibilities and empower our students to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.

Dr. Jain Sonal, M.A., B.Ed., Hon. PhD in Education


We practice arts based education and enable children to learn mathematics, science, language & literature and social studies by constructing their own knowledge.

We recognize the importance of all-round education that extends beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to pursue a wide range of intellectual, sporting and social activities

Activities & Facilities at Shantiniketan Public School
  • Concept-based classrooms
  • A qualified and experienced teaching staff
  • Audio-video teaching
  • Creative Library
  • Educational Outings
  • Transportation facilities
  • Spacious classrooms with modern furniture
  • Digital Classes
  • Indoor and Outdoor games
  • Dance and Sports
  • Yoga and meditation room
  • Annual sports day and grand cultural day